Lisa and I began Osteopathy on Young in 2005 and we had just one goal: To make our community healthier. Little did we know the impact we would have. Either directly, or indirectly, we have worked with tens of thousands of people in our community to improve their health. It has been such a privilege to be invited into people’s lives and be entrusted with their care. We have achieved this through honesty, hard work and by genuinely caring.

14 years on and the business has evolved. We started as one person, in one room. We are now in an extraordinary new location with new services and over 14 staff. We are better in every conceivable way than we were. And we will continue to diversify and challenge ourselves to ensure the best possible outcomes for you. Osteohealth, as a name, no longer reflects what we have become and where we are going. We are about to move into a facility that allows your health to be influenced by working in a team environment, with contributions from many, caring therapists. Not just by one. We will have the right person for your care at the right time- regardless of their title. The one thing Lisa and I guarantee is that the people we have working with us will continue to enhance our reputation for being dedicated, knowledgable and a trusted resource for the community.

The change in name is not dramatic, but it is symbolic. It reflects what we have been for some time: a group of passionate therapists from diverse backgrounds and skill sets creating the best possible outcome for your health. We haven’t been an Osteopathic clinic for years- we have been an exceptional health clinic that has Osteo’s in it- AND Physio’s- AND OT’s- AND Strength and Conditioning specialists. And in the future we will have other professions as we create our centre of musculoskeletal excellence.

And so we become O-health!

O-health is a full circle approach to health.
We look at the whole picture.
We come from many disciplines, but we’re all part of one team under a shared roof and a unified mission: we provide complete care with a focus on the individual.
All in one. One to one.
Better health all round, at the heart of our community.

We could not possibly lose our Orange O and all the trust that took 14 years of excellence to create. The O represents our heritage but also that we take a full circle approach to your care. We are not just Osteo’s or Physio’s – we are a group of like minded, caring professionals working together to improve your health. What hasn’t changed is our absolute commitment to your health and the values and service levels that have gotten us to where we are. Our goal is to remove barriers for you to get back to doing the things that you love. And we use whatever tool is right for the job.

Our business has been built on creating deep and long term relationships with the community. We have become part of your trusted health network and dispensed ethical, timely and thoughtful advice and treatment. We’ve become part of your families. O-health is a natural extension of this and Lisa and I are so proud, and excited, to share it with you over the coming years.

-Tom Barry