Have you or someone you know been experiencing persistent pain for 6 months or more?

Pain persisting past 6 months is called chronic pain and is a big problem in Australia, affecting one in five people.

Osteohealth’s Marnie Lowry, is a local pain educator and can assist in providing you with an introduction to pain science and management strategies on living with persistent pain.

Current research demonstrated that 100% of pain is produced by the brain. This means all pain is created by the brain- no exceptions! No brain, equals no pain. It is not dependent on tissue damage or a specific injury.

Most cases of tissue damage, for example low back pain or ankle sprain, resolve relatively quickly with staying active and gradually returning to your normal activities. However, some people experience pain which persists past the natural tissue healing process. This is called persistent or chronic pain.
Tissue healing of most structures including muscles, ligaments, bone and discs, should resolve by 3-6 months. In those that pain continues past this time frame, we understand that tissue injury is not the main issue. In these situations pain is less about structural damage within our body and more to do with an increased sensitivity of our nervous system. There are a number of different factors that can make our nervous system more sensitive including; cultural, biological, social, psychological and environmental factors. This obviously makes management more complex.

In long term pain states, patient management relies on the importance of educating you about how pain is produced. Education allows you to better understand how ongoing pain states occur and can help to empower you by giving you the skills to make appropriate changes to reduce the sensitivity of your nervous system.

If you or someone you know may benefit from attending these one on one sessions, please contact us at Osteohealth on 6021 2777.