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Osteohealth- A part of your community.

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Osteohealth- feel better

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Reach new heights with Osteohealth

At Osteohealth we get you better, faster.

We are PASSIONATE about people and improving their quality of life.

All our Osteopaths and Physiotherapists are EXCEPTIONAL- it’s a prerequisite to work here!

We love communicating and educating our patients about their injuries and how best to manage them and PREVENT them recurring.

All our therapists have LOADs of clinical experience.  We understand the demands that you place on your body.

We are all ACTIVE athletes from a wide range of sports- we know what you are going through.

We tell you what is WRONG and HOW we are going to manage it.

We utilise the UNIQUE skill sets of both Osteopaths and Physiotherapists to create the best outcome for YOU.

Osteohealth has a great track record of 9 years of exceptional health care.

Osteohealth. Feel better.

We take pride in our multi-disciplinary approach to your problem.
It allows us to tailor treatment to your individual needs.

Our therapists, both Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, are continually upskilling to keep abreast of the latest techniques to assist with your recovery. We promote active rehabilitation and give advice so that you have the best outcomes for your injury.

At Osteohealth we utilize many different forms of therapy, from exercise rehabilitation to dry needling, manipulation to soft tissue therapy.





Cycling Analysis/Bike Fitting